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Welcome to ICEPECA2019

2019 International Conference on Energy, Power, Environment and Computer Application(ICEPECA2019) will be held in Wuhan, China during January 20-21, 2019.

The conference will serve as an international forum for the presentation and exchange of technological advances and research results in the broad fields of Energy, Power, Environment and Computer Application. The conference will bring together leading researchers, engineers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. We believe that your participation to attend and share will greatly improve the influence of the conference, and the other participants and research have a positive and profound influence.

Latest & News

January 22, 2019: Congratulations! ICEPECA2019 has been held successfully in Harvest International Hotel, Wuhan, China!
January 14, 2019: The Conference is upcoming! Please seize time to join!
December 13, 2018: The hotel information is updated, please prepare for your conference!
December 10, 2018: Please download the Template and format your paper well!
November 13, 2018: Original paper are encouraged to submit to the conference!
November 06, 2018: Experts in Energy, Power, Environment & Computer are welcome!
October 24, 2018: Please deliver paper written in English!
October 10, 2018: Your paper can be delivered in WORD or PDF format!
September 27, 2018: Please join us ASAP by E-mail!
September 12, 2018: The deadline of submission is January 8, 2019.
August 22, 2018: Welcome Submit Papers to ICEPECA2019!
August 08, 2018: The Conference Schedule is available now!
July 31, 2018: ICEPECA2019 has entered list!
July 30, 2018: ICEPECA2019 has been included by WikiCFP!
Submission Deadline
January 8, 2019
Conference Date
January 20-21, 2019


All accepted papers will be published on the Journal of DEStech Transactions on Environment, Energy and Earth Sciences with ISSN: 2475-8833, ISBN and DOI. DEStech Publication will submit all the papers to be indexed in EI Compendex, Thomson Reuters Web of Science CPCI-S (ISTP indexing) and CNKI Scholar for worldwide online citation.

Excellent papers will be selected and published on SCI and EI journals.

DEStech Publications Proceedings indexed by EI Compendex and CPCI-S(ISTP) as below:

Paper Submission

Download the Paper Format: Template.doc
Download the Submission Form: Submission_Form
Please send your Paper(s) and Submission Form to ICEPECA2019 via email: cfp@icepeca2019.org or icepeca2019@163.com.
The email subject should be named "Submission".

Papers should be of originality and quality. They should not have been published elsewhere. Plagiarism in any form is not allowed, the authors should be responsible for the papers seriously.


Prof. Bachir ACHOUR

Dr. G. Woroniak

Dr. M. Dzikuć

Prof. O. M. Lecian

Prof. Ş. Ţălu

Dr. V. T. Vader

Prof. R. H. Wong

Dr. C. T. Tsai

Dr. F. M. Oudina

Prof. A. Łączak

Dr. F. Scarlatache

Dr. S. Muthukumar

Prof. R. Kotteeswaran

Dr. H. Omidvar

Prof. S. BalaKrishnan

Dr. I. Memon

Prof. A. Naghidokht

Prof. M. N. Lakhoua

Prof. N. M. Saïd

Dr. M. Shokrian Zeini

Prof. M. K. Marichelvam

Prof. V. G. Iyer

Prof. W.-T. Sung

Prof. S. Sharma


Prof. K. Balakrishnan

Dr. S. Kushwaha

Prof. W.-C. Lai

Dr. W. M. Liu

Dr. S. Hoseinzadeh

Dr. P. Ganesh Kumar

Prof. E. Macioszek

Prof. Z. G. Gao

Prof. A. M. Fadhil Al-Quraishi

Prof. I.-L. Popa

Prof. R. Kumar

Prof. G. Sierpiński

Prof. V. Mateev

Dr. K. F. Li

Welcome to join in ICEPECA2019

We expected that you will present your latest research and put the theory into practice in ICEPECA2019. There are 4 methods that you can choose to join us:

1. As Author:
Giving oral/poster presentation on ICEPECA2019 with publishing your paper in the proceedings. Please submit your full English papers to cfp@icepeca2019.org before January 8, 2019.

2. As Keynote Speaker:
If you are interested in being a Keynote Speaker, to share your ideas in the fields of Energy, Power, Environment and Computer Application, your CV and photo should be sent to conference mailbox: cfp@icepeca2019.org.

3. As TPC/Reviewer:
If you are interested in ICEPECA2019 TPC/Reviewer, please send your CV and photo to cfp@icepeca2019.org.

4. As Listener:
Without submitting paper or giving oral report, you also can join ICEPECA2019 as a listener. Please email to cfp@icepeca2019.org for more information.

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